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Yankee Records

New York Yankee Batting Records

Statistic Player Total
Most Runs Scored Babe Ruth 1959
Most Hits Lou Gehrig 2721
Most Doubles Lou Gehrig 534
Most Triples Lou Gehrig 163
Most Home Runs Babe Ruth 659
Most RBI's Lou Gehrig 1995
Most Base on Balls Babe Ruth 1852
Most Stolen Bases Ricky Henderson 326
Best On Base Percentage Babe Ruth .479
Highest Slugging Percentage Babe Ruth .711
Highest Batting Average Babe Ruth .349

NY Yankees Pitching Records

Statistic Player Totals
Most Wins Whitey Ford 236
Best Earned Run Average Russ Ford 2.54
Most Game Appearances Dave Righetti 522
Most Games Started Whitey Ford 438
Most Complete Games Red Ruffing 438
Most Shutouts Whitey Ford 45
Most Saves Mariano Rivera 243
Most Innings Pitches Whitey Ford 3170.1
Most Strike Outs Whitey Ford 1956

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